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Two-times World Champion SBK

S 1000 RR!

Give away a gift certificate for a training of The Race Academy (on a BMW S 1000 RR!)


Making a booking

The agreement (registration) is achieved by accepting the participant of the offer of The Race Academy. In other words: you sign up for a course, which in general will be done via the website. After the registration you will receive confirmation in the form of an e-mail. The registration may be revoked : revocation shall as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after acceptance.

Payment terms

30% of the total payment has to be paid within 2 weeks after receipt of the confirmation.

Remainder of payment 6 weeks before the event.


  1. Participation in training is at your own risk. The entrant waives any claim for liability of The Race Academy, the instructors and other employees, the circuit and the other participants, for any damages whatsoever including consequential damage and personal injury.
  2. The Race Academy, its instructors and other employees, and the on circuit are compared with the participants, those participants accompanied and other visitors as well as their heirs and / or their assigns and / or other third parties are not liable for any personal and / or material and consequential damages of any kind or extent whatsoever, during the stay on the circuit in which The Race Academy her organizes trainings and during or resulting from participation in this training or any other by The Race Academy organized activity is incurred, regardless of the cause , except for intentional and gross negligence, and - if and insofar as insurable - the maximum insurable amount.
  3. The participant is required to have adequate health insurance, tailored to the risks that participation in training entails.
  4. The participant declares that they know and then emphatically as rendered by The Race Academy, which follow circuit training, however much care and safety requirements to be observed by the organizer, increased risk entails.
  5. The Participant declares the above agrees to, and that he / she is all by him / her damage to property outside the orbit of The Race Academy, its instructors and employees, and on